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Candle Orders

With the current lock-down extended , candles can now be ordered to be put up in Church. We had this during the lock down during Great Lent 2020 and this will be possible for the Liturgy services on during the lockdown.

Candles are $2, $4 and $6. Prosphora cannot be ordered as, with the stay at home order, there is no way for people to collect them. Place you candle order via  email to with the number of each type of candle and for which service. Payment is via bank transfer to:

  • BSB                       032378
  • Account               800399
  • Name                    Russian Orthodox Church
  • Reference:         Surname candles

It is also possible to add names for commemoration that will be read during the service.

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Updated Schedule of Church Services

An updated schedule of Church services covering September and October  2021 is available in:



Please note that our remains Church CLOSED and live streaming of services will continue this week.

Keep watching the news to see when restrictions will lift.  Church services may be viewed via our YouTube channel – Cabramatta Church – YouTube

The All Night Vigil services now commence at 5.30pm. This is to allow essential staff, who come to Church, to be able to get home before the 9pm curfew.

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Schedule of Service Fees

The Russian Orthodox Church in Cabramatta is a popular venue to conduct weddings, Christenings, Baptisms and funerals. Often people ask Fr Boris and/or the staff at the candle stands how much it costs to hire the Church.

A standardised schedule of services fees has been created in English to help people plan their day.

Bookings are made with the Priest and Fr Boris can be reached on 02 4625 7743

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Minutes and Annexes to Information Session

On Sunday 8 July an Information Session was held in the Church Hall to discuss a possible land deal with the Russian Relief Association (RRA) of St Sergius of Radonezh. All the relevant documents are available as:

Agenda that was released in the days before the meeting

Minutes of the Information Session

Annex A Proposed development for the RRA as displayed by Nick Ostin

Annex B Petition signed by the ILU residents as tabled by Alex Jones

Annex C Option D presentation from Nicholas Rotenko

The next step is that the Board of Directors of the RRA will discuss these Minutes and Annexes at the next board meeting. The Church Parish Council will then wait for a new offer(s) from the RRA. A meeting will then be called to discuss the new offers and to plan the way ahead. Updates will be published on this website.

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Parking Restrictions

There are new parking restrictions in place from now until Pokrov: there is no parking for anyone under any circumstances on the southern grassed area (between Church and toilet block). Even if there are no steel bollards and a steel fence to block your way, go park somewhere else. Let’s preserve the new grass and give the kids an area to play on rather than ruin it with car tyres and create another dust bowl. Reminder that there is no parking on the asphalt during business hours. We still have 2000m2 of available parking at the block of land that fronts onto 291 Cabramatta Road.