COVID-19 Updates

With the recent Government restrictions related to COVID-19, and the updated statement from Bishop George, our Church is now CLOSED to services. Please DO NOT come to Church. We will continue to have closed services with a maximum of 10 people inside the Church. These services are by invitation only and we will be rotating the 9 people who will be able to assist Fr Boris during a service.

Live streaming of services on YouTube Facebook

Recently we successfully tested the live streaming of a service and are now broadcasting via our Facebook page. There is also a YouTube channel and we need people to subscribe to it. We are moving towards only broadcasting on YouTube.

When watching the live feed of a service, please treat this with reverence as if you are  standing in Church. Stand near an icon and put up a candle(s) if you are able toBe a participant in the service, rather than just an observer.

Being new to the business of live streaming, we are still working it out as we go along. If a service is not being live streamed on YouTube, then it is being live streamed on Facebook. If subscribed to both, you will get an alert when a live stream commences.

You do not need a Facebook account to reach this site and its live feed. Those who have a Facebook profile, please like and add Покровский Храм – Protection of the Mother of God Cabramatta to your pages.

Email address

We have a generic parish email address  that can be accessed several people. Please use this email address to send through candle orders and lists of names of living and departed to be read at the next service. It is possible to pay for candles via bank transfer to:

  • BSB:                              032378
  • Account:                      800399
  • Account name:           Russian Orthodox Church
  • Reference:                   Detailed description eg candles / kulichi / donation / tithes

Please note that there is $10 minimum for purchases made via bank transfer. Candles are worth $2, $4 and $6.  In your email state how many of each you would like and which service you would like them for. A person will then place these candles in Church and light them for you. Please note that it will not be possible to order prosphora for Liturgy services as it will be impractical to get them to you.

Candles by mail order.

It is now possible to have candles sent to your home via Australia Post. Place an order  / ask for a quote (email to  or an SMS to Mark on 0409 178 536), and an an all inclusive price (candles at $2, $4, $6 + parcel  delivery) will be provided. Make a transfer to the Church account and a bundle will be sent to you. We can send candles to anywhere within Australia. When placing an order, please use all the available characters to provide a detailed description of the order.

  • BSB:                                    032378
  • Account:                            800399
  • Account name:                 Russian Orthodox Church
  • Reference:                         lots of details plus surname & initials

Kulichi and verba

In the lead up to Palm Sunday and Easter, it will be possible to order verba and kulichi. This can be done via email ( or phone call to Vera Paramonova 0434 426 337. These will be blessed and available on specific days in the Church hall.

Verba can be collected in the late morning and early afternoon of Satuday 11 April (Lazarus Saturday).

Kulichi can be collected in the late morning and early afternoon of Saturday 18 April (Holy and Great Saturday).

Payment for kulichi and verba will need to be made to the Sisterhood account:

  • BSB:                              032349
  • Account:                      485377
  • Account name:           Ladies Committee of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin
  • Reference:                   Detailed description eg 5 kulichi surname and initials

Confession and communion

Confession can now be taken over the phone. Please contact Fr Boris on 0405 530 347 to make an appointmentDO NOT publish your sins on email, we do not need to know them. Communion will be made available via home visits. Please contact Fr Boris to arrange an appointment. For practicality, Fr Boris will try to arrange home visits to several houses in the same suburb. You can use email to request a home visit for communion.

Financial position of Church

With no one coming to Church for the foreseeable future (possibly 6 months+), this will create a massive decrease in revenue. We will continue to get rental income, but will not get revenue from candles and prosphora sales as well as plate collections. As such, we are indefinitely postponing projects that were promised to be ready for Easter. This includes the removal of dirt from 291 Cabramatta Road and the removal of the palm tree stumps (concrete rings have been demolished and removed). We have fixed the power supply to the toilet block and tool shed. We were going to receive EFTPOS machines last Monday, but have delayed them until the restrictions are lifted and the Church is operating under normal conditions.  This is a time when we need for parishioners to keep making financial contributions to the Church. In addition to ordering and purchasing candles, we will need regular donations. These can be made to the Church account (032378 : 800399) as a one off payment or be set up as regular payments (eg $25 per week or more). As of today 59 out of 156 members have paid their dues for 2020. People paying their membership is an important source of revenue that the Church could do with right now. Memberships can be paid to the Church account (032378 : 800399). On request I can let you know if you are paid up for 2020.


A lot of content will be added to this website. This is to help people at home and will contain useful information for adults and children. There will be information about services, daily readings, lives of Saints etc.

The above information is subject to rapid change pending further restrictions from the Government. Any changes will be communicated on this page. The content above will be added to our Facebook page. Please keep others in our community updated. We also need to get this message to elderly people who do not have access to the internet. Therefore, young people who are reading this please tell your elderly relatives as to what is happening in our Church

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