Camp details for Supervisors:

Camp Supervisors are required to complete a Camp ROK registration form, found at:




DUE: 1st December 2017 at the latest.

Camp Supervisors are asked to pay a nominal amount towards their food and accommodation for the week. This is because your fees are heavily subsidized by Camp ROK. This is in recognition of the time and efforts you put in to make camp great for the kids, both before and during camp.

All the money we receive through fundraising activities throughout the year helps to reduce this fee even more. REFER TO PAGE 8 of Registration Form for payment options.

Your help towards fundraising for camp or any fundraising suggestions are most welcome!


Working with Children Check

All adults attending Camp ROK are required to do a Child Safety Check by law.

The title you will be under is: VOLUNTEER and it is free.

Here is the link to start the process online:

Once that is complete, you will be given an application number that you need to take to a Roads and Maritime Services branch to verify your ID. The verified number (starting with “WWC”) is then sent by email to you.

Please send this number to Anya Shatrov ASAP at with your full name (with correct spelling) and your Date of Birth.

If you have a current Working with Children clearance (whether volunteer or employee), please also send me the details ASAP, if you have not provided before.

It can take up to 6 weeks but I find generally, they will do it in one week. 


First Aid Course

We prefer our Camp ROK team to have current First Aid qualifications (but it is not compulsory). This is a vital set of skills very useful should you be faced with a medical issue or emergency.

Every Supervisor will be given a mini First Aid pack to carry around with them during the course of the day.

Some companies that provide First Aid courses are:

St John’s Ambulance, Vital First Aid, Australian Red Cross, First Aid Australia…..and more……



The Camp ROK team is made up of dedicated parents and young people who step up to volunteer their precious time to give our campers an amazing week away in an idyllic beach suburb with a truly Orthodox atmosphere. IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE SUPPORTING US IN OUR MANY TASKS INCLUDING: DOCUMENTING, PLANNING, FUNDRAISING, SHOPPING, TRANSPORTING, CLEANING, SUPERVISING AND HAVING FUN WITH OUR CAMPERS.

The various parts of the team show their Orthodox spirit in their commitment to the planning process, especially the Committee, but also to everyone who has to organise to take holiday leave, let their employers know that they are unavailable for the duration of the camp and move other responsibilities aside to make way for their voluntary work as Camp ROK Supervisor or Parent Helpers.

Please ensure you book in your holiday leave if you are employed. If you are casually employed, let your employer know that you are unavailable to work for the duration of the camp and make sure your work roster reflects this.

We ask that you stick with your commitment to Camp ROK.

An employer will always recognize community commitment by an individual and is more likely to give you time off (if you already work) or will compromise on the start date of employment if you are looking for work. Anya Shatrov, our Head Supervisor, would be happy to provide a letter with the Camp ROK letterhead for your (prospective) employer regarding your commitment to being a Camp Supervisor and the time that you will be working at Camp ROK.


Letter of Reference

We would be happy to provide a letter of reference with the Camp ROK letterhead for employment purposes. If you would like Anya Shatrov, our Head Supervisor, to provide her contact details for your CV as a personal referee after camp, get in touch and she would be happy to help. Just need to ask.

The added advantage of being a Camp ROK Supervisor, a voluntary work position, is that you will build up your skills and knowledge working with a team of parents and young people in caring for and positively engaging a large number of children, in sometimes challenging situations. These are desired qualities that I am sure any employer would value highly.



Every year we aim to organize a variety of fun events to help us bring down the cost of accommodation that the Lutanda venue charges us.

We welcome anybody from our community to offer their help or to take charge of organizing their own team to run an event!

This year we have organized to sell lottery tickets for cash prizes…..information can be found under the Fundraising link on the main Camp ROK page.

Many hands make light work!