Transport Plan for Pokrov

For Pokrov this Saturday 14 October we are expecting 600+ people at the Hierarchal Liturgy and are then catering for 600 people at the Fontana Amorosa Reception Centre in Liverpool. Parking is limited and we are hiring 3 large coach buses (50 seats) and the RRA is providing one 20 seat mini bus. Each bus will do 2 trips which allows us to move 340 people from the Church to the venue. The movement of people involves:

1130h – 3 coach buses arrive at Church. 2 buses will reverse onto the paved driveway and 1 bus will be parked on John Street (opposite side of Church)
1145h – 3 coach buses leave with 150 people (possibly during procession)
1200h – RRA mini bus arrives and takes 20 people.
1215h – 3 coach buses return and pick up 150 people from the other side of John Street
1230h – RRA mini bus returns and takes 20 people.

At the conclusion of lunch:

1500h – 3 coach buses take 150 people to Cabramatta Church
1530h – 3 coach buses take 150 people to Cabramatta Church
The RRA bus will make 2 pick ups of 20 people in the time frame of 1500 – 1545h and take to Cabramatta Church.
All drop offs will be on the other side of John Street.
In the carpark of the Greek Church there will be about 30 available spaces. Once these fill up, it will be necessary to find on street parking

About Cabra Pokrov

Russian Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, located in Cabramatta NSW.
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