Sisterhood Raffle

Fundraising Raffle

In support of the construction fund of the Presentation Sisterhood in Bungarby

With these incredible prizes . . .

There will be 200 tickets at $200 each

You can download a ticket order form in Excel format here and in PDF format here.
For those wishing to purchase tickets with cash, please contact the one of the following for assistance.
Sydney: Mark Ganin (02) 9891 4961 or 0409 178 536
Melbourne: Luba Cowall 0411 090 550
Geelong: Basil Paramonov 0412 521 374
Brisbane: Alexander Paramonov 0421 670 516

Upon receipt of payment, a sequentially numbered raffle ticket will be mailed to the address provided.

Raffle to be drawn on the Feastday of the Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple on Tuesday 4th December 2012

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